Xbox Play Anywhere will continue with Xbox Scarlett



Microsoft will be continuing its cross-buy functionality in Xbox Play Anywhere with the upcoming next-generation Xbox Scarlett.

The service, which allows users to purchase Xbox One titles and play them on PC, has been a huge push for the company. As Microsoft returns to cross-platform development, they won’t be leaving this new mantra behind. Xbox Play Anywhere has been the source of some controversy, but it’s a rock solid system for a multi-focused company.

In an interview with Stevior, Xbox’s Phil Spencer explained that the service will only allow Xbox’s next-gen offerings to expand beyond a closed ecosystem.

“Our goal for our first-party games is that your entitlements will be cross-generation and your Achievements will move effectively with your save game because that’s where they stand,” Spencer said.

With Xbox One exclusives like Titanfall being cross-generation titles with two separate versions to purchase, Microsoft surely split the Xbox ecosystem early on. Without any form of backward compatibility, it wasn’t a smooth experience.

“[Xbox] 360 to One shouldn’t have been [two self-contained silos] either,” Spencer continued. “We talked about how important digital was going to be this generation, and yet we didn’t move the digital purchases that you’d made on 360 seamlessly over to Xbox One. I always thought that was a miss.”

Next-generation Xbox is going to have to offer some strong games to bring users back from Sony’s PlayStation. With great services like Xbox Game Pass, Games with Gold, xCloud, Backward Compatibility and more, it offers a lot outside of pure exclusives. Undeniably, Xbox still needs those exclusives.

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