Phil Spencer says Xbox One X has passed FCC clearance

Update: According to a tweet a few hours ago by Phil Spencer, the Xbox One X has passed FCC clearance and Microsoft is now deciding when they should open preorders.

If certain reports are to be believed, it looks like the Xbox One X’s wireless module possibly received FCC approval recently. According to a listing this appeared on the FCC website, a wireless device which looks like an Xbox One X part (model number 1817), passed several tests for WLAN connectivity. This is a dual-band device which connects to wireless networks operating at 5 GHz. It’s very similar to the one found on the Xbox One S (model number 1618) but it seems more compact. Given the fact that the Xbox One X is smaller than the Xbox One S, this definitely makes sense.

However, this might be the part to some other upcoming device we don’t know about. Even though that’s highly unlikely given the fact that Microsoft filed this on July 2, treat this with a grain of salt until we have official confirmation. Maybe this means that the Xbox One X will be available for preorder sooner than we though? Who knows? Let’s see.

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