With the Xbox One X, there’s an Xbox for everyone

Microsoft’s new Xbox One X is a continuation of the companies stance in providing variants of the same hardware for people who want some. We’ve seen this in Surface, in Lumia in the past, and now Xbox brings the

Microsoft’s Xbox One was a very controversial launch. While Xbox fans wanted to like it, the hardware came in as underpowered in comparison to the PlayStation 4, it had fewer gaming exclusives, and lost the battle of hearts and minds in the first round of the console wars.

There’s a lot of ink spilled on the Xbox One X already, so I won’t waste your time rehashing what you already know for this relatively brief take.

With the Xbox One X, Microsoft finally has an Xbox for those Xbox fans who want bragging rights and a premium quality console. Sure, your games won’t all take advantage of the hardware, yes it would be more economic to get a cheaper Xbox which will still play all the same games, yes no one really cares about 4K now (at least for $100 more). The truth is, it doesn’t matter, whether you regard the One X as an Xbox for spec lovers, or one for conspicuous consumers, the Xbox line didn’t cater to that market and now it does. 

For more practical people, the Xbox One S is all they need. It’s cheap, it plays all their games, and it’ll look just as good on an average TV as the Xbox One X will. If you are turned off by the price, then just as you can do with midrange smartphones you simply drop a tier and bag the Xbox One S. If you have similar concerns with the Xbox One S, you simply drop once more and bag the OG Xbox One. There are no losers here.

For the spec chasers, those who want a console to rival their gaming rig without having to go through the hassle (actual or potential) of owning and managing a gaming rig, and/or those who just want to be able to brag about their console to friends the Xbox One X is for that crowd.