Xbox One won’t be getting support for background music before Summer




It’s been a while since Microsoft launched the Xbox One. The company released a pretty major update last year, which introduced a new user interface, and some new features. However, the console is still missing a pretty important feature: the ability to play music in the background while doing some other task (like playing a game or browsing a site on Microsoft Edge). There’s only one way you can play music on your Xbox One while playing a game — and that’s by snapping Groove Music to the game or some other same, which isn’t convenient for sure.


Unfortunately though, this feature won’t be coming to the Xbox One anytime soon. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer today tweeted that the Xbox One won’t be getting anything related to background music “before Summer”. He tweeted:

Of course, the feature may not arrive after Summer either — so you will have to wait a few months until this is available. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft manages to bring this feature a bit earlier, though. It seems like Xbox One users really want this feature as this feature has more than 22 thousand votes on UserVoice. If you own an Xbox One, do you also want the ability to play music in the background on your Xbox One? Discuss in the comment section below.

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