Xbox One will get latest versions of ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ DLC June 14


The Dark Brotherhood DLC that was released for PC and Mac on May 31 will come to Xbox One and PS4 this coming Tuesday, June 14. The latest DLC game pack allows players to finally join the infamous guild of assassins, the Dark Brotherhood. Players will return to the Gold Coast of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion to become the deadliest assassin in Tamriel. The content comes with an exclusive passive skill-line and new quests along with exclusive rewards and items.

Here’s the list of features sent over by Bethesda:

•A Covenant of Blood and Shadows: Though at the height of their power, the Dark Brotherhood faces a grave threat in the form of a mysterious black-armored warrior capable of bringing down their best agents. Venture forth and carve a bloody swath across Tamriel in the name of the Dark Brotherhood.
•Explore the Gold Coast“: The westernmost region of Cyrodiil, the Gold Coast, was last seen by Elder Scrolls players in Oblivion. Explore the cities of Anvil and Kvatch during the Interregnum, when the region is awash in intrigue and deadly conspiracies.

•Murder for Profit: Sometimes the best way to deal with a troublesome person is permanent removal. As a Dark Brotherhood assassin, you’ll be tasked to fill that need. From simple assassination contracts to killing sprees on the blood-soaked streets of Tamriel’s sprawling cities, carve your path into the good graces of the Dark Brotherhood. The truly skilled may engage in special missions at the behest of their dark masters and fulfill a Black Sacrament, slaying a victim named by the Night Mother herself.
•New Assassins’ Passive Skills: This all-new skill line relates to murdering citizens and allowing the Shadows of Sithis to protect you from suffering consequences. Because those deaths were sanctioned by Sithis, you are the hand of the Void; you are the embodiment of death itself. The rules of Justice are for those bound by Nirn, not those who are directed by the ideals of Sithis.
•Exclusive Rewards and Items: Earn new items through in-game quests and browse Dark Brotherhood-themed items coming to the Crown Store soon

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