Xbox One WIll Allow You To Create Favorite TV Channel List



Photocopier machines continue to work overtime at Sony while Microsoft unrelentlessly unveils new features on the Xbox One every week. Phil Spencer talked about one his favorite features on the Xbox One, having the ability to create a favorite channel list that migrates with you wherever you go.

Spencer told us more about how the Kinect’s IR blaster will work to help streamline integration.  “Kinect sends out the commands for your TV and your media stack,” he explains.  “Right now, we’re asking users to select their provider and box.  Our goal is to get to the point where it figures it out by asking you a few questions.  That’s something we’re on for the next two years, but we’re going to get close at launch for a lot of people.”

The Xbox One profile will also enable users to create a favorite channel list.  Should you log into your profile away from home (either on your box or someone else’s), those favorites will still work.  “My channel lineup is mine and tagged as favorites (and saved by channel name and not number),” Spencer says.  “If I go to your house on a different cable system and log into my account, my favorites move with me on your box and they just work.  My favorites are still mine and will give me the right program guide regardless of where the Xbox is.”

Source: Game Informer

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