Xbox One streaming on Windows 10 gets high quality streaming support

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One of the major features of Windows 10 is Xbox streaming, which allows users to stream their Xbox games to their Windows 10 computer. As I previously said on my Windows 10 review, streaming games from the Xbox One to the computer isn’t really smooth and there is a bit of lag which pro gamers probably won’t like. Thankfully, Microsoft has recently enabled high-quality streaming for the Xbox app on Windows 10.

With the high-quality streaming option enabled, the app will be able to encode the video in a better quality, which will hopefully improve the streaming quality. If you want to enable high-quality streaming, just head over to Settings>Game Streaming on the Xbox app and you should see the options to enable high-quality streaming.

If you own an Xbox One, will you be using the high-quality streaming feature? Discuss in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit – Via: WC