Xbox One Seeing Huge Interest From Indie Game Developers



Game Informer snagged an exclusive interview with Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer.  He talked about their the massive interest they are seeing from Independent Game Developers for their ID@Xbox program.  Spencer has mentioned something that the indie game developer’s would not have access to on the PS4, Windows Azure & Microsoft’s 300,000 servers. 

“Our relationship with the indie development community has always been strong,” Spencer says.  “It doesn’t mean everybody loves us.  But if you look at the flow of content during the 360 generation and some of the indie hits that debuted on console on 360, people were clearly investing in putting their games on our platform.”

“We want to have a platform that all of the great game developers can target.  We have to be able to support that,” Spencer says.  And those creators seem to be responding.  The ID@Xbox program has already proven popular.  “In the first three hours, we had hundreds and hundreds of developers sign up,” Spencer tells us.

“Both Kinect and Cloud as it relates to indie has been really interesting,” Spencer says.  “If you’re a two-person studio, you’re probably not going to invest in a server farm.  You will not know how many to buy or what the scale is going to look like.  It is really hard for those guys.  What we are able to do with Cloud is say, ‘Here are 300,000 servers.  You do not need to tell us what that demand looks like.  You don’t even have to know.’  We will handle the scaling capability on the backend.  That has been one of the more interesting uses.”

Source: Game Informer

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