Microsoft’s new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition still has elements of the disc drive inside its plastic shell.

Announced on Tuesday, this new discless version of the Xbox One S aims to be a cheaper version of Microsoft’s console. The device was rumoured for a long while; it was a badly kept secret.

However, within its plastic shell, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition retains some of the pieces that made the original’s 4K drive work.

Not only does this version of the One S still leave space for the removed disc-drive, but the eject button and disc drive port are still inside the system.

We don’t know whether or not someone could jerry-rig their own blu-ray drive into the All-Digital Edition, but it could be possible. However, you’d probably just be better off buying the version with the disc drive.

All of this information comes from a recent YouTube video by tech YouTuber Austin Evans. If you want to watch a teardown of this new machine, check it out below.

Source: Windows Central