Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is allegedly releasing very, very soon.

According to an article by Windows Central, this disc-less version of the One S console will launch on May 7th. The article also states that the console will come bundled with three games: Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 (you read that right) and Sea of Thieves. (Sorry, Crackdown, but your multiplayer is dead anyway.)

Windows Central’s piece also gives us a glance at what the console’s box art might look like. According to Central, their new photoshopped images are recreations based on images they’ve seen.

Box Art recreated by Windows Central based on images they’ve seen

The console’s packaging looks quite standard. It features the disc-less console on the right side with the phrase “disc-free gaming” littered on the left. There’s a symbol to show that it doesn’t have a disc tray, the logos for the bundled games and a “1TB” symbol. That’s right, a 1TB hard drive!

First reported on by The Thurrott, Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One has been a solid rumor for a while now. With rumored plans for a worldwide launch, this is an intriguing product from Microsoft.

Source: Windows Central