The Xbox One’s latest ad is all about HDR

Xbox One S featured image

Microsoft’s been releasing advertisements for the Xbox One S regularly over the past couple of weeks, and the trend continues with even more of a focus on HDR (High Dynamic Range) than usual. You can check out the latest ad below.

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High Dynamic Range allows colors to appear far more vibrant and lifelike on your screen. It provides a significant boost to visuals, although it’s a costly one. Aside from only being available on the Xbox One S (which you should buy anyways), you’re going to need a 4K TV capable of supporting it. If you can afford the upgrade, though, it’s worth it.

Forza Horizon 3 was the first Xbox One game to support HDR, and Gears of War 4 quickly followed. You can check out some simulated comparisons of the HDR and HDR-less versions in the advertisement, just keep in mind that it’s a pure simulation.

If you’d like to buy an Xbox One S, you can find it in the Microsoft Store here, or on Amazon here.

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