Xbox One Is The Best-selling Console In The U.S. In November And December


15, 2015

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Microsoft today confirmed that Xbox One is the best selling gaming console of November and December in the US. In fact, weekly average sales during these months outpaced Xbox 360 by 50 percent at the same point in its lifecycle.

To celebrate the success of it, Microsoft is announcing another promotion in which Xbox One price has been dropped to $349 again.

Building off a record-setting holiday, we are excited to announce a new promotion in which fans in the U.S. can buy an Xbox One at a special price of $349, starting tomorrow, January 16, from their preferred retailer,” said Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Xbox. “We are thankful for all the excitement for Xbox One this holiday and proud to offer more fans the amazing games lineup, Xbox Live gaming community, and continual innovation that Xbox One fans have come to enjoy.”

Thanks to a strong, diverse portfolio of titles, Xbox One sold more games throughout November and December in the U.S. than any other current-generation platform*, with Xbox-exclusive titles receiving eight Game of the Year Awards and 67 nominations from the media. Also this holiday, Xbox 360 became the best-selling seventh generation console of all time in the U.S.* On the strength of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and a strong games lineup, fans spent more time playing Xbox this holiday than ever before.

Source: Xbox

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