New features will be rolling out over the next week for all Xbox Insiders, including a Simplified Home update, a My Games & Apps UI update, image support in conversations, and more.

First up is the Simplified Home Update, which is being released for all Xbox Insiders ahead of its public launch in February. This new Home experience removes the Twists from the top in favour of dedicated rows for Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community, and the Microsoft Store. All users can add or remove rows to make Home feel more homely.

Next is the My Games & Apps UI Update, which contains content grouping for easier navigation and access to your games and apps along with labels for trials and demos. There’s also a streamlined settings experience to make everything far simpler.

Image source: Xbox Wire.

The 2002 update also brings image support in conversations, letting you add and view images (that includes GIFs!) in messages with your fellow Xbox Live pals. Image content can be toggled based on your message safety settings.

Image source: Xbox Wire.

Xbox Insiders who have Xbox Game Pass subscriptions can now view and install individual games through the app. You can now pick and choose which content to install from larger bundle listings.

You can now also decide which notifications you want and just where you want them to appear by going to Settings > Preferences > Notifications and choosing “Default notification position.” Just be aware that some games may default to the original notification settings.

If you’re a Mixer user, then the #2002 update will be of use to you. You can now switch your chat mode to Classic chat, which will display the Mixer chat next to the stream video. You can also manually select the video resolution and browse streamer profiles.

Image source: Xbox Wire.

Last, but definitely not least – the #2002 update brings more storage management options. The current feature suggests space-freeing options to you, but the update brings a “Move” option into the mix. Users with external storage can use the “Move” option to move or remove items to free up space on their consoles.

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