Xbox One is getting a new Cortana design, Gamerscore leaderboard and Achievement tracking overlay

Microsoft today shared just a bit of what’s coming with the Windows 10 Creators Update for the Xbox platform.

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is refining Cortana on the Xbox with a new design. Now, while Cortana on the Xbox currently reflects the Windows 10 design, the firm has started changing aspects of Cortana on other platforms – most notably the iPhone and Android. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Microsoft will be adding similar interface changes to the Xbox One’s Cortana app.

As for where Cortana is located, Microsoft is now moving it to the soon to be redesigned Xbox One Guide feature.

The firm is updating the Guide and making it easier and more convenient for users to access and complete “common tasks”.

Microsoft says the new Guide will pop up as a left aligned overlay on the side of your screen and will be able to operate on all screens.

Finally, Microsoft is enhancing the multitasking features of the Xbox and optimizing them for speed. The Guide will now let you start recording your game clips and view your captures directly. The achievement Overlay, gamerscore leaderboard, and controls for background music are moving into the guide to make them easier to use.

You can find more about the gaming related changes coming to the Xbox platform from the source link below.

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