Xbox One game gifting from store is now available to everyone

Just in time for the holidays and Xbox’s annual Black Friday sale, game gifting from the store is now available to the public. Previously only Xbox Insiders could take advantage of this feature.

The option to buy a game as a gift will appear on its game hub page. Once you select that option, you can choose to send it to someone on your friend’s list or type in someone’s email address to send it to them that way. Whoever is receiving the game will receive a digital code for it that can be redeemed directly through the message.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when Mike Ybarra announced that Xbox Insiders could try out the feature, with it becoming public “soon” after that point. It looks like the testing must have gone over well with positive feedback. Game gifting has been one of the most highly requested features on Xbox Live and now it’s a reality for everyone.

Let us know if you’ve tried out the feature and if you plan on using it over the holidays.