Xbox One controller patent features numerous improvements to the current model


3, 2019

Four Microsoft patents that were filed last month point at numerous upcoming improvements to the Xbox One family of controllers.

All of these patents are related to the feedback of the current controller, particularly with the aim of improving the controller’s already impressive impulse triggers.

The most impressive invention is the primary patent in the four-patent list, a Motor-Driven Adjustable-Tension Trigger. This new form of trigger will allow Microsoft to further innovate on the technology found in the standard Xbox One controller.

Depending on how developers decide to use the technology, the large degree of variation found within the new form of force feedback will enable more nuance for locking the triggers during play.

The new adjustable motors will be able to dynamically move during gameplay. If you run out of ammo, the triggers may lock up. If your wheels lock up in a car, you’ll be able to feel it in the trigger. Some games on Xbox One manage to do this already, but this will allow a higher degree of variation.

Source: Windows Insider

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