The upcoming Xbox One April 2020 update will be adding a few reformations to the current console user interface, but an awesome new feature will also be included. 

Firstly, Xbox will be introducing a new Simplified Guide Layout for smoother navigation to the console’s most used areas. These are the new changes found in the Xbox One April 2020 update:

  • The new default tab order opens Guide with tabs in a left-to-right configuration, the order of which can continue to be customized from the “Profile & system” tab.
  • Party, messaging, and invites have been combined in the new “Parties & chats” tab, providing one single location to communicate with other players.
  • Settings, audio, and power options are now located in the “Profile & system” tab on the left side of Guide, as identified by your gamerpic.
  • Looking for Group can be found in the “People” tab next to the “Find someone” option.
  • App & system notifications are now grouped under the bell icon with other alerts.

Of course, should players be miffed by the layout of the guide after the update, you can still customise the way you want the guide to display.

The coolest feature of the Xbox One April 2020 update is one that was previously available to Xbox Preview members over the holidays: Surprise Me!

For those infuriating times when you want to play something but your grey matter just can’t decide what to play, Xbox has you covered. You can filter your games from a small filter and then click the Surprise Me button to have a game decided for you.

Xbox One Surprise Me

The new update is also bringing a few improvements to the Xbox One Mixer Experience. You’ll now be able to see emotes and subscriber badges in chat and “your Ember messages will also get the flare they deserve”.

It’ll also be easier to change chat layout and video quality with the press of the guide button.