While we may have only just seen the April update for Xbox One consoles, Microsoft are already working on next month’s upcoming features.

Those in Preview Alpha Ring will be able to access the new features as of today.

The newest feature being added to Xbox One is a new “play later” option for Xbox Game Pass owners. Play Later will allow Game Pass users to create a list of games in the subscription service that they plan to play later.

In Microsoft’s efforts to become a strong multi-platform force, update 1905 will help players identify where people are playing their games. Whether you’re playing on Xbox One, PC or Mobile, now the friends list will make it known. However, this will not show the platform you’re currently using.

To combat the overwhelming amount of spam that some users are subjected to, Microsoft are issuing a message request feature. Much like Facebook Messenger, receiving messages from a user you aren’t friends with will now give you the option to get rid of the text.

Also being added is a fix for titles that begin with “the” in My Games and Apps. Games that begin with “The” will instead be placed in the letter group corresponding to the second word in their title.

Xbox One owners should look forward to some of these upcoming features. Are there any features you want to be added to Xbox One?