Following on from the reveal that Microsoft would be opening this month’s Tokyo Game Show with a 50-minute presentation, the company has shut down all hype for their presence at the event. 

After the announcement, Xbox took to Twitter to clarify that their presence at the event would feature “no new next-gen news” at all.

Instead, the event will be used to showcase “Japanese game creators and games”, “updates coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC” and “Japanese Minecraft community creativity”.

“Our presence at Tokyo Game Show will celebrate the visionary creators and vibrant players in the region,” Xbox said in a blog post. “Tune in to see the latest on games, content from our Japanese partners and players, and further details on Xbox services.”

This is especially underwhelming as Tokyo Game Show would’ve been a fantastic opportunity to reveal the Xbox Series S, a smaller next-gen console that would fit in infamously small Japanese apartments when compared against the size of the PlayStation 5.

With Xbox boss Phil Spencer desperate to improve Xbox’s reputation in Japan, this was Microsoft’s big chance to start the generation off strong outside of America.