Xbox Music Service Allows Developers To Connect Their App Or Website To The World Of Xbox Music

Xbox Music API

Microsoft announced few of the upcoming features in Xbox Music API at Build conference earlier this year. Those features are now available to all the developers. The new Xbox Music APIs make it easy for any app publisher to connect an app or website to be powered by music.  The Xbox Music API provides access to RESTful web services for building beautiful experiences using rich artist and album metadata across Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, iOS, and Android.

Developers will be able to do the following,

– Get the details of an album, an artist or a track if you know its ID.
– Search for any album, artist or track details based on a string of keywords, e.g. “Madonna hang out”.
– Get the top and newest albums of an artist.
– Get a deep link that redirects nicely to the Xbox Music applications, whether on the Web, Windows Phone, Windows 8.x, or from other platform.
– Get album covers.
– Get artist images.
– Get full access to 30 second MP3 previews for entire catalog
– Get access to full track streaming for Xbox Music Pass subscribers.
– And more to come soon!

On top of these, Microsoft is also offering affiliate marketing opportunity for developers,

Every user you redirect to the Xbox Music application can earn you money on content purchases and Xbox Music Pass subscriptions. You currently will earn a 5 percent share on purchases and as the Xbox Music pass is at the core of our service, 10 percent on all music pass payments for the lifetime of the subscription.  In the US for example, that’s one dollar, per user, per month!

To make things even better, we’re not limiting affiliation to the device the user was on when clicking on a link. The user could be opening up a link on his Windows 8.1 tablet and subscribing on a Windows Phone. You would still be getting affiliation revenue sharing for that subscription.

Read more about the new Xbox Music API here.

You can get Xbox Music Subscription from the below links,

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