Microsoft’s constantly leaked Xbox Lockhart, aka Xbox Series S, has been rediscovered in new developer documentation. 

Discovered by security researcher TitleOS, who shared the news on Twitter, the unannounced lower-power next-gen console from Microsoft has been referenced alongside the actually announced Xbox Series X.

The June 2020 development documentation lists Lockhart and Anaconda as having their own independent profiles; while Anaconda is the default profile for next-gen Project Scarlett hardware, Xbox Lockhart is described as a secondary profile.

The developer documentation also has one very interesting passage: “GPU capture may fall in Lockhart profiling if the title is using all available title memory.”

Microsoft has been keen to state that Project Scarlett is a single console release back when the Xbox Series X was announced. However, there is without a doubt concrete evidence of Xbox Lockhart existing.

References to the lower power next-gen Xbox have been discovered within files of the Windows 10 OS and Microsoft has even filed separate trademarks following their registration of Xbox Series X.