Despite Microsoft’s focus on pushing the true next-gen capabilities of Xbox Series X, fans have long wondered what is happening with the console’s lower-powered Xbox Lockhart sibling. 

Xbox Lockhart, a low-cost next-gen entry point for gamers that want to play next-gen games, was originally mentioned during a Windows Central report back in 2018. Since then, numerous rumours have released around the nature of the system and its place in the next-gen ecosystem.

However, Microsoft has been keen to iterate that the next-gen Xbox is one console: Xbox Anaconda aka Xbox Series X. But Xbox Lockhart definitely exists, or at least existed at some point, as the system is mentioned within files for Windows 10.

Posted by Twitter user TitleOS, Lockhart is mentioned alongside its brethren: Xbox Durango (the original Xbox One), Xbox Scorpio (Xbox One X) and Xbox Anaconda (Xbox Series X).

The console isn’t just mentioned once either. Alongside Anaconda, the Windows OS files show references to profiling methods exclusively designed for the Lockhart system. So, when will we see this Xbox Series S?

Well, there are two obvious time frames for Microsoft to finally reveal the console. With the company finally set to show off first party Xbox Series X games later this month (including Halo Infinite), it’s also a good time to  introduce gamers to Xbox Lockhart. But will the company instead wait until after the Xbox Series X launch?