After experiencing an outage just a couple of days ago, Xbox Live is once again down, meaning some users can’t currently sign in or match-make in games.

The Xbox Live status page is, rather ironically, also down, so we currently can’t pinpoint the source of the issue or which platforms it’s affecting.

It’s safe to assume that at the very least, Xbox One consoles are affected, although Windows 10 users may also be experiencing issues.

The official Xbox Support Twitter says that the Xbox Support team is aware of the issue and currently investigating.

The Mixer support team also confirms that some users may be unable to access or use Mixer services, including signing-in.

The Mixer status page displays the following message as of 2:26pm PDT on March 15th:

Update – A data center networking outage is having impact across several services. Engineers are engaged and working on mitigating the issue.

We’ll update when both services are back up and running.