Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to mobile with the service coming to Android and iOS.

Xbox Live will be available through the use of an all-new SDK that will allow developers to utilize the power of the service. All of this isn’t too surprising with Microsoft’s recent push for a cross-platform backend.

Through the new SDK, developers will be able to use Xbox Achievements, profiles, cross-platform gameplay and more.

Xbox Live’s move to iOS and Android shows a key shift in Microsoft’s new gaming philosophy. Xbox is no longer a console – it’s a service. With dedicated hardware, PC, mobile and rumors of the Nintendo Switch, Xbox is now simply a software bracket.

Xbox Live on mobile may also have a secondary purpose: xCloud. The upcoming streaming service, which starts public testing soon, will definitely run through the service. With Xbox Live becoming natively compatible with Android and iOS, Microsoft has simply made their job easier.

With the news of Microsoft’s Game Stack which aims to simplify the game development process, the company is certainly aiming for something greater next generation.

Source: Microsoft