Xbox Live Developer: WP7 has the best download to purchase conversion, exclusive games coming

Press Play, the developer of Max and the Magic Marker, which is on pretty much all the platforms, has said the conversion rate from download to purchase is the highest of all of their platforms.

The company also revealed the company was planning to follow-up Max and the Magic Marker with an new game, exclusive to Windows Phone 7, called Tentacles.

So far most of the Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 have been ports from other platforms, so this would be a really welcome change.

Of course not everything is sunshine and roses – the small size of the installed Windows Phone 7 handsets meant sales could be a lot better.

“If only we could get a lot more handsets out there, we would definitely be in the happy zone.” said Press Play’s Windows Phone project lead Thomas Gravgaard

Thomas however felt the Nokia deal should help address the situation.

“Nokia has a long standing powerful brand here in the Nordic region, and can really help in putting the phones into people’s pockets, and that is what is needed for the platform to survive in the long run.” he said.

He did however felt Microsoft was on the right track already, with Mango offering even more promise.

“… I think Windows Phone has potential to offer something different to other platforms. For one, Microsoft take premium game content seriously, and have the backing of the entire Xbox Live infrastructure, which is something I expect will be a key differential, especially when real-time multiplayer gets thrown into the mix with Mango.”

I am sure this is something we are all looking forward to. Read the full interview at here.