Xbox LIVE Deal Of The Week In Windows Phone Marketplace: Splinter Cell Conviction

WP7 Game Review: Splinter Cell (

Splinter Cell Conviction is now on sale in Windows Phone Marketplace under Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week. This game now costs $2.99 down from its regular price of $4.99.

From our review of this game,

Overall Score: 5/5

After you learn the controls, Splinter Cell is extremely fun with good presentation and great lasting value!

Gameplay: 5/5

Getting used to the controls will take some time, but after that, you’ll probably love Splinter Cell. There are so many different elements in the game, from taking cover to fire fights, that it is always entertaining. Plus, the pacing is just perfect. The action keeps going, and you simply want to keep playing. The only thing that can be difficult is trying to move while shooting, but you hopefully won’t have to do much of that, since this is a stealth game. Figuring out how to sneak up on enemies is extremely fun. You can even use a small mirror to look under doors and see what’s behind them!

Read our full review here. Find it here from the Marketplace.