Xbox LIVE Deal Of The Week In Windows Phone Marketplace: Plants Vs Zombies



Plants Vs Zombies from Popcap games is now on sale under Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week. The game is available for $2.99, down from its regular price of $4.99.

From our earlier review of this game,

Gameplay: 4/5
Even though there are some better tower defense games out there, Plants vs Zombies still manages to have good gameplay thanks to the insane amount of different plants (towers) and various zombies (enemies). It does lack a scoring system (unlike geoDefense), but Plants vs Zombies incorporates a neat money system where you can buy yourself upgrades, and the limited plant (tower) selection makes you really think about your gameplan and how you will defeat the zombies. So yes, the game is fun and unique, but personally I would pick geoDefense instead!

Read our full review here. Find it here from the Marketplace.

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