[Update: it’s back] Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues

UPDATE: Everything is back to normal. The original article can be found below.

It seems like Microsoft’s Xbox Live service is currently down. There’s a flood of worried customers on the Xbox Support Twitter feed, but don’t worry: Microsoft knows about the issue and is currently working on it.

According to the official Xbox Live Service Status page, both the Xbox One and Xbox services on other devices are currently affected by these issues. The issues people are having are varied – from suddenly being logged out of the service to being unable to share screenshots on Xbox Live, there’s a variety of issues, and they don’t seem to be affecting everyone in the same way.

This is the first widespread batch of issues with Xbox Live this year, which has improved significantly since the launch of the Xbox One S. Outages like this have gone from a regular occurrence to a rarity, and it really shows that Microsoft is putting effort into keeping that most reliable network status. Both the speeds and stability of the network have gotten better and better, and it stands in a stark contrast with the current state of PlayStation Network, which has gone down five different times since the start of the year.

We’ll update this post when Xbox Live services return to normal.

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