Xbox Live being replaced by TENCENT QQ Game Hall on Chinese Nokia Windows Phones

mt_07It has recently been revealed that Tango Windows Phones in China will not have access to Xbox Live.

Nokia is however working on a solution that will still enable social gaming in the region.

They have reached an agreement with TENCENT, a Chinese social network with over 200 million users, to use their QQ Game Hall, which has more than 13 million users per day to connect gamers with their friends.

Through the QQ Game Hall, users will be access a variety of games and take part in interactive activities with friends.

"It will allow users to log in through their QQ accounts and find their QQ friends immediately," the Shangai Daily reports.

According to rumours and leaks TENCENT’s Weibo service will also be replacing Twitter in Tango handsets in China.

Microsoft has not made any official information about Windows Phone Tango available yet, but we expect to hear more detail on how Tango handsets will be different to Mango at Mobile World Congress 2012 soon.