Xbox Kinect Not Dead Yet, Microsoft Confirms That Kinect Games Are In Development

Xbox One Kinect

When Microsoft announced Xbox One back in 2013, Kinect was an integral part of it. You won’t be able to buy Xbox One without Kinect and in fact the whole system was built around Kinect based interactions. Due to inclusion of Kinect with Xbox One, Microsoft’s console was $100 costlier than the competing Sony PS4 which lead to loss in sales. Microsoft realized the situation and decided to drop Kinect from Xbox One system. Users can still buy Xbox One with Kinect bundle or buy a Kinect sensor separately, but the interest in Kinect sensor has dropped significantly since then. At E3 press conference, Microsoft didn’t even mention Kinect sensor once and no games were announced which works with it.

As Phil Spencer said last month back, Microsoft has not yet abandoned Kinect sensor and they will continue to build functionality to make it a valuable part of the ecosystem. Shannon Loftis, general manager of global games publishing for Xbox said “It’s still an option for gamers and it still powers what’s special about how you can navigate the dashboard, they wanted a choice and they got a choice.” She revealed that there are games under development for Kinect sensor both inside Microsoft and from 3rd parties.

Kinect, she said, is still coming out for Windows 10, and there are unannounced games coming for the motion controller this fall. There are also unannounced games currently in development for Kinect internally at Microsoft, Loftis said.

“It’s still a going concern,” she said. “More creators than you might expect are now engaging with Kinect for Xbox One.”

Source: Polygon

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