In today’s update, those within the Xbox Insiders program now have support in Xbox party chat for speech transcription and synthesis of speech from text. 

Outlined in an Xbox Wire news post, this new feature is designed to greatly improve accessibility as Microsoft and Xbox often champion with features and accessories such as their adaptive controller.

This new feature once enabled in the ease of access settings, will have “all words spoken by the people in the party converted into text that will be displayed in an adjustable overlay on top of gameplay,” according to the Xbox Wire news post.   

Enabling text-to-speech synthesis, which is also included in this update, allows what you type in party text chat to be read by a synthetic voice to the rest of the people in the party, with a choice of several voices per language so you can find one that fits you. 

This accessibility feature should be of great benefit to those who are “deaf or hard of hearing and/or cannot or choose not to speak to participate in Xbox Party Chat” as the Xbox Wire post attests to. Features like this are also useful to anyone who wishes to better distinguish game audio from party chat so it’s a benefit all around.

While this feature is only available to Xbox Insiders for the moment, hopefully, we can see it roll out in the next Xbox update so those in need of this feature don’t have to wait long.