Xbox Insiders can now register to reserve an Xbox Series X|S


12, 2021

Microsoft has announced today that Xbox Insiders in the United States can register for a chance to reserve a next-gen console through the “Console Purchase Pilot” program. 

The program should help to curb the scalping menace that has stopped people from getting their hands on the latest generation of consoles. So long as you’re in the Xbox Insiders program and have an Xbox One console to register with. 

In the tweet that debuts the wonderfully alliterative program, Xbox Insider notes that “Limited space is available and not all who register will be selected.” So while this pilot program is a good step towards availability, it’s no guarantee. 

This new Xbox Insider program is facilitated all through an Xbox One console, so you’ll need one to both register, and pay for the new console if you get selected. This should help further stop scalpers from getting their hands on reservation slots, as Xbox users and fans looking to upgrade will be prioritised. 

With Sony expecting semiconductor supply issues to persist into 2022, and Microsoft facing similar issues in their supply chain this pilot program sounds like a great get for dedicated Xbox fans, but not so much for others who have just had their potential supply restricted even further.

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