Microsoft has announced that they will be increasing transparency on how user data is collected in the future. 

In a recent press release, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Operations, Dave McCarthy, explained that the company will be introducing new methods of data collection transparency in all Xbox consoles.

Microsoft will further allow users to opt in to allowing certain data to be collected by the company to improve upon Xbox consoles and services. Users will be able to refuse the company’s ability to collect diagnostic data, but they can opt in at any time.

“To be more transparent with our player community, we will surface more about what data we collect – right on your console.  Soon, when you sign into your Xbox One console, you will receive an overview about the required diagnostic data we collect. This update will also be available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when they launch on November 10,” McCarthy says.

This data collection includes the following:

  • Details of errors that might hamper the console’s ability to run games and apps
  • Details of console setup success and failure to diagnose issues that would keep you from using the console
  • Details of software update success and failure, as well as other console errors

Xbox data collection

Microsoft has stopped collecting certain types of information that some users might find uncomfortable, such as information on certain speech and text services.

“As another step towards transparency and optimizing for your privacy, we no longer collect data from voice search and speech-to-text conversion. We continually assess what data we need to support positive player experiences on Xbox, and we have determined that this information is not what we need to accomplish that mission.”