TiMi Studios announced today that they have joined an in-depth strategic partnership with Xbox Game Studios. 

The brief announcement was sparse on details surrounding this strategic partnership, to say the least. Working with Xbox Game Studios rather than the larger Xbox brand, we can at least assume that future games might be on the table. 

TiMi Studios if you don’t already know them, are the creators of the absolutely huge Call of Duty: Mobile and upcoming Pokémon Unite, which is also slated for a Switch release sometime down the line. 

Seeing $10 billion in revenue last year according to Reuters, TiMi is reportedly the world’s largest developer, so it’s only natural that other parties, such as Xbox, would be interested in working with them. 

With their provenance for mobile titles, it’s likely that this strategic partnership might have TiMi making a mobile spin-off for one of Xbox’s hit titles. On top of this, with their skillset, they might be able to help out with on-screen controls for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.