Xbox has opened their 20th-Anniversary virtual museum


23, 2021

Xbox is continuing with their 20th-Anniversary celebrations by opening a virtual museum, exploring the history of the franchise. 

In the virtual museum, which you can explore through your browser, you’re able to take a look at the different generations of Xbox’s history, with placards detailing major events throughout the lifespan of each console, such as major acquisitions and, of course, the Red Ring of Death. 

On top of the 132 moments of Xbox history that you have to explore, you’re also able to venture through your own personal museum, which showcases your personal stats that Microsoft has been keeping track of behind the scenes. 

In this area, you’re able to see all kinds of interesting tidbits of information including how many games you’ve played, how many achievements you’ve earned, when you first signed into Xbox Live, which game you played first, and your first-ever achievement. 

Xbox virtual Museum

If you’re left wanting more after browsing through this digital museum then you’re in luck, as Microsoft is working on a documentary, Power On, which also explores the making of and rise of the console we all know and love. Power On is due to release on December 13th 2021 as a six-part series. 

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