Xbox giving away two awesome Wonder Woman Xboxes and one gross one


25, 2020

Xbox has revealed three Xbox consoles based on the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, one of them looks like it crawled out of the coke-fuelled 80s. 

The promotional Wonder Woman Xboxes will be given out in the same manner as the other promotional consoles – such as those awesome Godzilla: King of the Monsters consoles – which means you’ll have to get retweeting and following.

Here’s a breakdown of the three consoles:

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Console

Designed to bring forth the “vibrant colors of the 1980s”, this new Lasso of Truth console features an awesomely vivid logo and a big rope. That rope is the lasso of truth; Microsoft will know if this console’s user does indeed agree to the terms and agreements or not.

The console will be given away between August 25 – September 17 on Twitter.

Wonder Woman Golden Armor Xbox One X Console

Based on the new armour donned by Gal Gadot in WW84, this big gold boy with a giant eagle – not a mermaid tale apparently – is said to include multiple 24-carat flecks of gold. Fancy!!

Xbox describes the system as including a “sophisticated golden eagle crest and 3D printed Wonder Woman 1984 logo resting above it.”

The system will be auctioned off with the money raised going towards the Together for Her charity, an initiative that helps to combat domestic violence, especially during the stay-at-home nature of the ongoing pandemic.

Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah) Console

While the other console’s were pretty darn swanky, the final system looks… Intriguing.

Based on the feline villain Cheetah, there’s a lot going on here. There’s spikes in the upper-right corner, a snakeskin design underneath and a whole lot of cheetah-print fabric that reminds me of my mum who thinks Blondie is the best artist to have ever lived. She’s wrong and this is foul.

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