Xbox Game Pass for PC is still a relatively new service, so it’s still receiving a lot of quality of life updates.

Update 1909 brings some highly requested features to the service, including DLC for installed games now being visible, app support for push-to-install on Windows 10 PCs, and Mixer streamer support.

The patch notes for update 1909 are listed below:

  • Sidebar
    • DLC for installed games is now visible
    • Filter by installed state and manage your download queue
  • App
    • Beta version of the iOS and Android apps includes PC games and supports push-to-install to your Windows 10 PC
    • Mixer streamer support
    • Send games and DLC as gifts
  • Account
    • Link Facebook and Steam accounts to find friends
    • Get personalised friend recommendations from Xbox Live
    • Ratings and reviews improvements
    • Account mismatch resolution

You can download the beta version of the Xbox Game Pass app for free here on the Apple App Store and here on the Google Play Store. The app receives updates every couple of weeks, so stay tuned if a feature you want hasn’t been implemented yet or if something isn’t quite working right.

If you find yourself having trouble with any of the apps or with Xbox Game Pass on PC, the official Twitter account responds to most queries and questions in a timely manner. You can also Tweet them your suggestions and comments.

If you want to join Xbox Game Pass on Xbox, PC, or even both, you can check out all the deals and legal jargon right here.