Xbox Game Pass is getting Knockout City and more


28, 2021

Knockout City And Dragon Quest Builders 2 are set to be the latest additions to Xbox Game Pass when they arrive in May. 

Knockout City isn’t just dodgeball, it’s dodgebrawl. That is if you believe the Xbox Wire news posts description of it. Whatever it is, it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play when it launches on May 21st.

Made by Velan Studios, who were also behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, Knockout City is a bombastic dodgeball brawl that has you competing in teams to dunk on your enemy, by quite literally dunking on their face. 

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The other addition coming to Game Pass this May is Dragon Quest Builders 2, which will be available on May 4th for Console, Cloud, and PC. 

As the second blocky adventure within the Dragon Quest universe, you’ll be honing your skills into being a master builder, as you explore vast islands, help townsfolk, gather recourses and fight monsters.

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With April’s games for Xbox Game Pass nearly all on the service and may soon approaching, we’ll no doubt see another list of upcoming games soon, with these two games likely being included.

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