Xbox Game Pass dual-screen gaming demoed on the Surface Duo

by Surur
June 16, 2021
surface duo dual-screen gaming

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In March Microsoft added better support for dual-screen smartphones for the Xbox Game Pass.

The updated software allowed you to move the touch controls to the second screen, resulting in comfortable full-screen gaming. Developers are able to create custom controls for games, meaning dual-screen gaming may become one of the best ways to play a game.

Some games, such as Gears 5, even support the gyroscope in the device, allowing you to pan by moving your handset.

Today 1 Take Tech posted a video demonstrating the experience on the Microsoft Surface Duo.

YouTube player

The arrival of the feature fulfils one of the promises of the dual-screen handset, of being the best portable Xbox.

With the Surface Duo hitting clearance prices, are any of our readers tempted to jump in? Let us know below.

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