Last night’s Inside Xbox stream may have been a mostly-dull event – Forza Street? Yuck! – but one announcement proved more exciting than the rest: Xbox Game Bar customisation!

In Microsoft’s bid to expand the functionality of Windows’ built-in Xbox Game Bar project, the company has introduced widgets to the software so that users can truly do whatever they desire within Game Bar.

All widgets can be searched, downloaded and managed within Xbox Game Bar so there’s no need to open any other applications. All you have to do is enter the Game Bar Widget Store within the program and search to your heart’s content.

Microsoft has already partnered with a few awesome company’s to take Game Bar functionality above and beyond.

For starters, partnering with Intel means that Game Bar will be able to act as your Intel Graphics Command Center. There’s no need to have another program open: most key features from Intel’s proprietary software is now available here.

Microsoft has already partnered with X-Split as well to make livestreaming across platforms easier for everyone.

“XSplit’s integration with Game Bar provides access to critical Gamecaster tools without having to tab between apps or leave your gaming session. Start and stop your broadcast, interact with chat, check out recent events and stats to help increase viewer interaction, and optimize encoding settings to ensure the highest quality stream – all from the Gamecaster widget.”

The widget also offers a wealth of customisation options to bring forth the optional force in livestreaming tools.

Finally, Razer and Microsoft have teamed up once again, this time bringing Razer Cortex and Razer Gold to Game Bar. Razer Cortex will allow to save performance on demanding games; Razer Gold is some silly virtual currency or something.