Xbox fans shouldn’t expect “world premiere” announcements anytime soon


1, 2021

Xbox has warned fans to not expect any huge announcements in the near future.

With multiple Xbox insiders claiming that Microsoft would be holding an event to reveal new titles this month, Xbox Marketing Boss Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to quell fan expectations.

Responding to a post claiming that Microsoft would reveal a trailer for From Software’s Elden Ring, Greenberg shot down the rumor.

“Just to set expectations: this is not happening,” Greenberg said. “There are always things we have in the works, but nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or world premieres like this.”

A collaboration between Dark Souls developer From Software’s and Game of Thrones creator George R.R Martin, Elden Ring was announced at Xbox’s 2019 E3 Showcase with a CG trailer. Since its announcement, From Software has remained silent on Elden Ring.

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