Xbox Fans Choose Knoxville As Press Play’s Next Project



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Denmark-based game developer Press Play, famous for its Max: The Curse of Brotherhood game has revealed their next project. Fans have selected Project: Knoxville to be their next title to work on.

Project Knoxville is a 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players MUST work both together and against each other. It is framed in a sadistic game show, similar to the ones in ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Running Man’, but here all of the contestants can survive if they work together and don’t let greed or personal gain get the best of them. With this game, we aim to go further than anyone else when it comes to dynamic relationships and spectator interaction.


Dynamic relationships
This is a very unique feature that enables players to make alliances and friends easily while keeping the players immersed in the game world. The approach is to make the game characters intelligent and context-aware while at the same time making the players able to influence them. This is designed to work without voice-chat.

Spectator interaction
As in any good game show, we want the audience to be able to influence the game in as many interesting ways as possible. Ranging from ideas such as sponsoring, betting (with in-game currency of course), and large-scale events.

Dynamic and diverse game show arenas
The game show setting means everything from arenas to game show rules can and will be changed over time to be optimized for the best possible entertainment for both the players and the spectators.

Afterlife mechanic
This feature ensures an interesting game after your contestant dies as well as a deeper consideration of your actions. When people die, they will be able influence the game for the remaining players. An example could be to spawn a wolf next to the person who killed you. In this way, you can get back at those who wronged you and help your friends out.

Intense high-stakes combat
Fighting is intuitive and skill-based. The scenarios are filled with dangerous creatures and fighting is necessary to survive. Weapons are sparse, but can be found scattered around the scenarios. The desperate fight for survival will often result in contestants fighting each other. Fights will be gritty and swift and almost always conclude with the death of either a contestant or a creature.

Upgrade system
Our ambition is to build a rich meta-game around upgrading the contestant characters. Players need to care about their contestants and contestants that are doing well should build up their fame and reputation.

Source: Microsoft

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