Xbox FanFest partners with Gamers Outreach for E3 2019


4, 2019

Xbox has partnered up with the charity Gamers Outreach in order to help kids in hospital get access to video games.

Proceeds from Xbox FanFest ticket sales will help fund Gamers Outreach programs, but you can also help from the comfort of wherever your Xbox console is located!

The company has created two specially designed Xbox Avatar t-shirts to support the cause and, for every purchase made between the 1st and 14th of June, 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Gamers Outreach.

The shirts come in both black and white and bear a strong resemblance to the official E3 FanFest shirts, allowing you to show off your Xbox pride while also supporting a good cause.

Gamers Outreach is a charity organisation that provides equipment, technology, and software to help kids cope with treatment inside hospitals. Their goal is to create sustainable experiences that produce joy and minimise trauma for patients.

Undergoing medical treatment can often be terrifying and isolating, especially when you’re young. Gamers Outreach want to change that and help restore a sense of normalcy to families and patients.

Each shirt costs only $3.99 and remember – all that money goes straight to charity. You can purchase the black shirt here and the white shirt here.

If you have an aversion to digital shirts or if you just prefer to donate straight to charity, you can do that too! You can donate to Gamers Outreach using their donation page here. There’s no minimum donation amount, so it’s up to you how much you want to give. Every penny helps.

You can also register as a volunteer to help out Gamers Outreach! For more information, check out the official article here.

On June 10th, during the FanFest Showcase, between 7PM and 9PM PT, Xbox will be hosting a special Mixer stream (which you can watch here!) to reveal even more ways for viewers and fans to help participate in their Social Good program.

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