Microsoft has just shadow-launched an all-new application for Xbox fans: Xbox Events.

The application, available now on iOSGoogle Play and the Microsoft Store, will help Xbox fans who are attending Xbox-themed events. Whether that’s Microsoft’s very own X019 this year in London or events like Gamescom or EGX, this new app will give Xbox fans exclusive content during shows.

Xbox fans gain access to exclusive content during events like E3, gamescom, and X0. Features include live streaming, the latest game videos, building a custom schedule of sessions to attend, and receiving notification of breaking Xbox news.

With Inside Xbox, X019 and the bevy of other events that have Xbox appearances, this new Xbox Events application should help fans keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest news. Or you could just come here.

The application only takes up around 60mb on your devices and, with the ability to create custom schedules, it may prove useful for Xbox megafans.