Xbox doesn’t actually have a name for Project xCloud yet


20, 2020

Microsoft’s upcoming video game streaming service Project xCloud isn’t going to be called by its tentative title when it launches this year, but it also doesn’t have a proper name yet. 

Speaking to The Verge, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that the company doesn’t have a locked in name at this moment in time, instead referring to the streaming service as Game Pass streaming.

“[xCloud] isn’t the official name, but you should think about it as Game Pass streaming or Xbox streaming, something like that,” Spencer said. “We actually don’t have the final name just yet, but it won’t be Project xCloud.”

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Microsoft’s Xbox streaming service will be launching this September as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The service, which has been in beta for around eight months, will be a huge aspect of Xbox’s new focus on subscription based services such as Xbox Game Pass and more. With Xbox Live Gold possibly going the way of the dodo, a new service that transcends Xbox hardware is going to be a important part of Microsoft’s ecosystem.

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