Xbox Buy from Guide feature allows you to easily purchase games your friends play



Xbox is pushing out a new “Buy from Guide” feature for Xbox One consoles to allow gamers to quickly play the same games their friends are.

Announced by Xbox’s Larry Major Nelson Hyrb, the feature should begin rolling out to Xbox players now.

The surprise announcement took us off guard for sure, but as a way to drive purchases of anticipated games through digital peer pressure, it’s a smart move. If you see your entire friends list playing the same game at once, you may be tempted to pick it up too in a regrettable snap decision!

The Buy from Guide feature appears to work smoothly. If you click on a friend who’s playing a game, the first option will allow you to buy or install the game that they’re playing. It’s the same pop-up as installing an Xbox Game Pass title; you can even go straight to the game’s Xbox Clubs page.

“We are starting to roll out a new feature for Xbox One,” Hyrb announced on Twitter. “Directly from the Guide you will be able to quickly get more information on a game your friend is playing – with a link to play it (if installed), install (if you own it) or buy it + a link to the official club.”

While some are for the feature, others aren’t so enamoured with it. “This is awfu,” one user said. “I dont want a link to buy a game every time I look at what my friends are doing.”

“That’s a brilliant feature, the buy-it-now option,” another said. “I always wondered why it didn’t work that way. You’ve missed a lot of impulse purchases.”

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