Xbox has announced [email protected] Game Pass, a stream that aims to highlight indie games that are headed to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Wire promises that the stream will contain new reveals, gameplay highlights, and conversations with the developers. The stream will also showcase games that are set to head to Xbox Game Pass. It’s sort of like Nintendo’s ‘Nindies’ showcase, except for Xbox games instead.

The debut stream will showcase games previously shown at E3 and X018, such as Afterparty, Void Bastards, and Supermarket Shriek. It’ll also share a visit to Night School Studio, the team behind Oxenfree, for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Afterparty.

Afterparty follows the story of Milo and Lola, two recently deceased best friends who face an eternity in Hell, unless they can outdrink Satan himself. If they can manage to outdrink Hell’s ruler, they’ll be granted re-entry to Earth.

The Steam page for the game promises features such as an intelligent conversation system, drinking alcohol to gain certain buffs, and flirting with Satan. There’s also an original soundtrack by scntfc (who worked on Oxenfree and Sword & Sworcery) and a butterfly effect system.

The first episode of [email protected] Game Pass is set to premiere on March 26th at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT/4PM GMT. It’ll be available to watch here.

Source: Xbox Wire and Afterparty on Steam.