Xbox Ambassadors Program launches Season Three today


1, 2016

Xbox Ambassadors

Microsoft today announced that Xbox Ambassadors Program launches Season Three today. Xbox Ambassadors are knowledgeable Xbox fans who are committed to helping their fellow gamers and looking to broaden their own gaming experiences by interacting with others. They are rewarded for Program activities such as peer-to-peer assistance in chat and the Official Xbox Forums. The Xbox Ambassadors now has redesigned landing page to help new Xbox gamers of the Program’s mission as well as to give them the opportunity to learn more about the Program from current Ambassadors.

Two new initiatives – the Ambassadors Play Program and Ambassadors on YouTube – are breaking onto the scene and expanding the Program across even more channels. Ambassadors Play will offer a number of exciting new Twitch shows helmed by the community for the community; these shows will be hosted on the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch channel and will feature prominently on the Xbox One Community Calendar, starting this month. Similarly, a select group of Ambassadors are now piloting YouTube content creation, by producing Program-endorsed support videos and game guides.

Curious about what else is new to the Xbox Ambassadors Program this season? The following features just debuted or are on the way:

  • Community Missions – Starting Tuesday, July 5, Ambassadors will be able to contribute to a Mission together, knocking out an objective through their combined efforts as they build a sense of camaraderie.
  • Updated Missions page – Missions are at the heart of the Program, as they allow Ambassadors to earn XP and rewards at an accelerated pace. Later this month, Mission information will be updated to display in a more immediate and visually pleasing way.
  • Site Notifications – The desktop and mobile views of the Xbox Ambassadors website now include notifications alerting community members to new Missions, Rewards available for redemption and social media activity that’s relevant to the Program.

Check out to join this program.

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