Xbox boss Phil Spencer had revealed that the next-gen launch of the Xbox Series X is heavily reliant on the Xbox All Access subscription service. 

The service, which allows gamers to pay a monthly fee for access to an Xbox Series X, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, has been described as a critical aspect of Microsoft’s next-gen business model.

Much like a mobile phone contract, Xbox All Access is a way for gamers to get their hands on a next-gen console without forking out a massive all-in-one price. The subscription service has been tested since its soft launch nearly a year ago and there have been no controversies as of the time of writing.

Again like a phone contract, Xbox will give current Xbox All Access subscribers – who currently have subscribed to use an Xbox One X – will have the option to upgrade their contracts to the next-gen Xbox Series X when that console launches.

“Xbox All Access is going to be critical to both our launch for Xbox Series X as well as just the overall generation,” explained Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

“The response that we’ve seen where we’ve tested All Access has been great, but as you said, it’s been limited in terms of the market. So you’re going to see a much broader market and retailer support for All Access. And as you said, it matches a model customers use for many other devices they buy. And if you have services attached to those devices that people love, it just becomes an easier way to bring a great product to customers.” – via GamesIndustry.