The recent Xbox acquisition of Double Fine has led to the closure of the company’s indie publishing movement, Double Fine Presents. 

The news comes from the Gang Beasts developer Boneloaf who detailed their separation from the now Xbox-owned studio in a recent blog post

Boneloaf says that despite the “winding down” of Double Fine Presents, the team has given the Gang Beasts developer “splendiferous support, and most importantly, they’ve become friends and mentors” to the team.

“We love Double Fine and they have been really fantastic to us,” Boneloaf wrote. “What Tim and his company built is pretty wonderful, but with Double Fine Presents winding down due to Double Fine’s acquisition by Xbox Game Studios last year, we think it is a good time for Boneloaf to stand on its own… legs and publish Gang Beasts ourselves.”

Boneloaf says that even as the part from from Double Fine, there’s still upcoming content and fixes for Gang Beasts.

Currently, the developer is testing out build 1.13, the next release. The upcoming update will include a modified version of the wheel stage with support for online game modes and a series of optimisations and fixes for UI, audio, costumes, gameplay, and achievements.